Dhaka Metro – A brand close to our heart and stomach.

When its founder first came to us with his idea of opening an all bengali cuisine focused restaurant, we knew that this is going to be a mass brand and so should be it’s communication.

Starting from the logo, the colours, the brand tone; everything needed to be simple, relevant and comprehensible by the mass. A brand people can connect to and relate with and so the journey started –

For the logo we chose a local CNG with rickshaw art; an almost forgotten part of our art and culture. The brand colour – a classic vibrant yellow. Things started to look great but we were aiming for something greater.

We wanted to bring back the ‘90s nostalgia—the iconic Bangla cinema dialogues that swept over an iconic generation. And that’s how, the uniquely creative Dhaka Metro copies received their distinct style of rhyme.

It worked. And almost every Dhaka Metro copy became instant hits. We capitalised on trends, made them catchy and relevant – and that’s our formula for success.

How we came up with the Branding idea for Dhaka Metro