Just as the pandemic hit Bangladesh and our months-long lockdown took effect. Square Health, one of Bangladesh’s leading healthcare aggregator companies, made an app called Jotno- a one-stop destination for caregivers and patients. The idea was to bridge caregivers, doctors, and patients with the help of technology. The app was launched in April 2020 and allowed patients to schedule appointments (Online & Physical; Mainly online during the lockdown days). It also allowed doctors to manage their appointments and write prescriptions digitally in the chamber and on the go. The data is backed up in real-time, encrypted, and safely stored away on the cloud, saving the caregiver the hassle of dealing with the storage of files and folders and never losing patient histories again.

Square Health came to us with a requirement to make an explainer video for both ends; the consumers and the doctors; they also requested us to launch the platform using social media campaigns and carry on their social media endeavors. So our creative and strategic teams put their heads together to get to work. We made a 2D animation video that categorically addresses the consumers’ pain points (Doctors & patients) and how Jotno can help save time and eliminate the usual hassle and tassel. The script was informative; however, the tone was casual so that a large spectrum of our audience could accept it.

The video was launched on Facebook and Youtube and used paid media buying; it targeted people who search for medical-related queries online at least once a month and doctors. We carried on their social media endeavors for six more months and supported them in getting thousands of intents and conversions using various media with various creatives.

The Videos We Made