Baily Deli Launching

Baily Deli is the project where we went for the complete wow factor so that this new food court could stand out from its competitors. At the popular location of Baily road, for the grand opening, we organized a concert with famous and talented artists.

The presence of Tahsan, Arekta Rock Band, and Encore created massive hype. To add to the suspense, we created an event page for the grand opening and updated countdown posts for the event. Incredible responses on the event page fulfilled our purpose of mass publicity. Amin Hannan Chowdhury was the host of the event. The grand opening event was a tremendous success for the brand Bailey Deli to establish its name to their customer and be at an advantage in the competitive industry.


We found out that our TG, which was a primary mix of Millenial and Generation-Z were into different kinds of pop culture and tried to incorporate those into our content while keeping our copy and brand tone super casual. Our branding was also kept flexible to ensure that the TG does not find our marketing monotonous. We created memes, we created meme videos out of popular snippets and made our copies relate to relevant trends.

Some of Our Works for Baily Deli Launching