We had a fun time with rickshaw-pullers collaborating with us as moving billboards for this brand.

Pizza Co. opened its new outlet in Khulshi, one of the most vibrant and sought-after locations in the city. We utilised the advantage of the wide reach and access of rickshaw pullers in the area. The campaign’s core was an elegantly designed t-shirt, aimed not just at drawing attention but also at fostering recognition of the brand’s new outlet in a creative way.

The objective was to generate buzz and drive foot traffic to Pizza Co.’s new outlet in Khulshi, Chattogram, that creatively leveraged the local rickshaw pullers as moving billboards for the brand.


The foundation of our campaign centered around distributing eye-catching t-shirts to the ubiquitous rickshaw pullers navigating the streets of Chattogram. Each shirt was meticulously crafted to command attention, proudly featuring the Pizza Co. campaign slogan in bold on the back, while elegantly displaying the logo on the front. This strategic placement ensured that both passengers and pedestrians couldn’t help but notice the brand as they encountered this interactive experience. Not only did this innovative approach serve as a novel brand promotion, but it also piqued curiosity about Pizza Co.’s new outlet, enticing potential customers to explore our offerings. From the vantage point of the passenger seat, the captivating design and copy typography of the logo were easily visible, fostering top-of-mind awareness and igniting interest among the public.



As rickshaw pullers worked the busy streets of Khulshi, they were equipped with the knowledge of showing the direction to the new location to their passengers. So the back of their t-shirts became an interactive experience for their passengers, catching the eyes of potential customers. 


The BTL campaign was a roaring success for Pizza Co.’s new outlet in Khulshi. By collaborating with  rickshaw pullers, we cut through Chattogram’s advertising clutter with finesse. This translated into a notable uptick in foot traffic and a significant boost in brand recognition. Moreover, the campaign didn’t just stop at awareness; it drove impressive sales and attracted a fresh set of customers to our doors, showcasing its efficacy in both drawing crowds and converting curiosity into loyal customers.