Diggger Launching

The popular Bangladeshi fast casual burger brand Chillox recently launched their flagship Pizza outlet called Digger. They were looking for agencies which can create a buzz in the market with innovative marketing campaigns, handle PR for them, do influencer marketing and make their packages. After careful scrutiny of a few agencies, Wire was selected and we were assigned with the launching of Diggger, their social media page and their packaging.

First things first, we sat down with their brand team, their chefs, found out their price point and created multiple audience segments. Following that, we created cues and pain points with resonates with multiple audience segments and started building our content based on that. We noticed that a huge chunk of our target audience were located in Dhanmondi, Lalmatia, RayerBazar and Mohammadpur; the age range mostly ranged between 16-34 and the socioeconomic ranks varied from between B- to A.

We realized that most of our TG is into games, movies, songs and all things pop culture; they like colors and all thins retro. So we made packaging that created a strong synergy with the kind of things they like.

The Packaging

We found out that our TG, which was a primary mix of Millenial and Generation-Z were into different kinds of pop culture and tried to incorporate those into our content while keeping our copy and brand tone super casual. Our branding was also kept flexible to ensure that the TG does not find our marketing monotonous. We created memes, we created meme videos out of popular snippets and made our copies relate to relevant trends.

Some of Our Works for Diggger Social Media Page

Finally, we created a series of OVCs and shorts which resonated with the Dhanmondi crowd. Our research found out that people in our TG’s age range are very biased towards the area they live in or grow up in; so we selected two influencers who hugely resonate with this TG (Karina Kaiser and Dana Bhai) and made a content which was more about Dhanmondi and less about the product.

The OVC got 25K+ Reactions, 217 Shares and 740+ Views which is immense for any restaurant, that too when the media buying budget was below $200.