Tourino Madventure Photography Contest

Bikers have always had this innate passion for their rides and most bikers we speak to treat their bikes as a part of their family. With that in mind, we launched two separate campaigns: “Tourino Madventure Photography Contest” and “Tourino Selfie Niyo Contest”. The essence of these two campaigns was similar; the youth love to ride their bike, the youth love to show off their bike and the youth loves to take selfies and pictures of their beloved bikes!

Announcement Posts

We combined all these values and created a campaign on Facebook where we asked our customers to submit their work. This was mainly a UGC-based campaign with the goal to create mass awareness and retention among our loyal customers.

Winners were selected based on people’s choice and our brand team.

The Campaigns in total Generated over 9,536 Reactions; 3205 Comments and 193 Shares. The Cumulative organic reach crossed 700,000 meanwhile the total reach for the campaigns were 1.1M+. Media buying accounted for only 34% of the reach and engagement gained.

Here are a few selected winning submissions