Tourino Tyres is a subsidiary of Apex Hussain Group and they are one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Bangladesh.

We have been working with them for half a decade now and our services mainly span across: Brand identity creation, brand guideline formation, social media marketing, brand visibility increment, brand awareness building, dealer acquisition via social media, influencer marketing, and hype creation.

While working with a young target audience primarily between the age of 21-34, mostly male. We wanted to create a brand that exudes excitement while consistently carrying forward our brand value of safety and positioning of premium tyres. Our brand archetype is a mix of hero and outlaw, as such, we engaged in making very graphically advanced attention grabbing posts coupled with bold copies carrying it forward with consistent branding to a level that Tourino Tyres is the most well-branded tyre company of Bangladesh. We launched multiple campaigns with biker influencers and bike groups and got our brand even closer to our target audience through organic and innovative contents. Through consistent services for four years, we were able to earn enough trust from the brand that we were entrusted with another one of their brands, Apex Foam only recently.